As in the case of architecture, the philosophy of human space flight is changing. Both venues are trying to find a blend between technology and the most suitable environment for its user. Whether it is a modern two-stage craft taking space tourists to the edge of space or a living environment for long interplanetary journeys. Engineers have shown many times, that space is within our reach and technological capabilities. Designers and architects are now trying to fuse some cutting-edge technologies with improvements in living and working environments, be it on Earth or in space. It forms a cohesive and a close cooperation between technology and a human being. With all this in mind we’ve rounded up a principal concept design for the Houston Spaceport, which is mainly concerned with an interaction between build / unbuild and artificial vs. natural environments.
There isn’t a single way of developing a project, but several, depending on forthcoming conditions. In order to produce a successful outcome, decisions will be molded during the project’s course of development. The task ahead is a fluid process of explorations for the best solutions at any given moment. Likewise, the proposed vision is not a fixated architectural concept, but rather a flexible, adaptable system which functions like a changeable utensil.
Assorted programs, building types and activities claim for different logistics,organization of infrastructure and locations. But at the same time they can be replaced or modified without compromising the main concept. Zones and buildings themselves are modular, which introduces various combinations of arrangements and research on many different applications.
The area is welcoming to the visitor, traveler or the employee, which unveils a distinct difference to some other airport designs, where spaces are controlled, segregated and divided. The project emphasizes the freedom to explore, observe and learn about the Spaceport and aerospace technology in person. There are open horizons, views, access to the green apron and the terminal building and terminal terraces within reach, all ensure the visitor a unique experience.
Contemporary aerospace technology and its historic heritage are the main theme of the park and the area as a whole. On one hand, there is an aerospace technology displayed in the aerospace museum that functions as an open-air exhibition with aerospace heritage and on the other , the active search for future technologies in the R&D and manufacturing area. In between there is a lively and functioning Spaceport with performing technological marvels right in front of our eyes.
Site plan
Circulation scheme with points of interest
Green areas
Traffic grid
Different typology for different programme
Houston Spaceport

Houston Spaceport

As in the case of architecture, the philosophy of human space flight is changing. Both venues are trying to find a blend between technology and t Read More