Submission for Graphcore Core ll : Nature Pack
          Escape in this context is to get or stay away from persons or things. Escape can be mean as getting free or to remain untouched or unaffected by something unwanted. Thus, i want to show “Escape” is not all about get or stay away from things. It is all about what will you do if disaster happens. In this art piece it show how a living things (in this case i choose crows), try to escape from natural disaster, but , in the same time they tried to protect their loves one (egg on the nest) and get away from there.

        Escape is my new digital work and specially created for Graphcore Core ll : Nature pack submission.
This is my second work i did for them and using 95% adobe photoshop except the chains where i did a modelling inside Cinema 4D (since it was a "pain in the butt" to find nice stock images that fit my perspective)

The Process
A lil' bit of details
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