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Craigslist Redesign
Something that will never happen.
Craigslist, we all use it and love it, whether it's to find a new job, find/sell furniture, or simply laugh at missed connections. But, we also know that it is not pleasing to the eye...and lets admit it, there are a lot of links that most people will never click on. This is why I chose to have a little fun and think about how I would like to see craigslist in the future...because we can all dream. 
Rather than having something like 1,000 links on the first page, I chose to hide the majority of the sub categories and display the main ones. I made Icons that reflected each category to create a clean interface, where people can use the icons to help them see what craigslist has to offer, as well as seeing what the site is all about and hopefully feeling a deeper feeling of community with the site.
Craigslist has no images on their listing page, this means every user has to open 30 tabs just to see if the post is what the user is looking for, with this page, it is no longer an issue. A thumbnail picture will be added to the top left of each post, as well as the price, the amount of bedrooms, the location, and a brief title. The user can click on the arrow on the bottom right of the post to see more information. Photos are strongly encouraged for this redesign, for how are you supposed to sell something when you don't have any images of it? (but if you don't, it will still be shown, it will just be all text. 
If the user either clicks on the middle of the shortened post, or the bottom of the extended post, they will be directed to a full page dedicated to the post they express interest in. This way, the user can get a full idea of what they are looking at, rather than seeing information about other posts around it. A slideshow feature has been added, because we have all seen some crazy image layouts on craigslist, this eliminates that problem. On the sidebar, the user can also see where the location is on the map, as well as finding directions to that place. 
On Craigslist, in order to create a post, you have to go through three or four pages of content about your post, just to finally be able to write about it. I eliminated that problem, and put it all on one page. This is a mockup of what the form field for posting a listing for an apartment that is for rent, or a house or sublet etc. As you may have noticed, the nav went from log in, to log out. In order to post a listing, you have to sign up. The sign up page is more of an afterthought on Craigslist, and I kept it that way, for users should be still be able to find what they are looking for without being bothered by a sign up box.