Theo & Philo is a Filipino company that proudly sources its cacao locally, crafting flavor combinations that are uniquely Filipino. It is the country’s first bean-to-bar chocolate maker, advocating organic and fair trade practices that support scholarships and farming communities. More than just making darn good chocolate, Theo & Philo’s commitment is to make a difference in the world, one bar at a time.
Theo & Philo wanted a new visual design language without changing its logo. We explored different illustration styles and settled with a limited color palette for digital illustrations.
Our idea was to make the world a quirky tropical planet with "Philo the horse" as a recurring character.
Business Card
Flyer & Business card details
Flyer front. The illustration frames the Theo & Philo story. The process of making chocolates make up the illustrative frame
Flyer back. We wanted to show the different products as simple shapes, but retaining the existing packaging design.
Poster detail
Theo & Philo