Revolution Will Not Be Televised -
This project was developed by Ivan Vasilev, Catarina Palma and Lucia Buisel during the first semester of the last year (2011-2012) of the degree in comunication design in the Faculty of Fine Arts-Lisbon. The editorial exercise has its foundation on the development of a visual narrative, wich is presented in the form of a magazine, surronding themes of the contemporary history related with the revolutions that ocurred during the last five decades. For this purpose the group chose the theme BERLIN - WINGS OF DESIRE, that was the point of departure from wich all the period, since the construction untill the fall of the berlin wall, was captured. The project was divided in two major phases:
First: Edition 0 of the MIR magazine wich is an editorial object and the result of final phase of research surrounding the subject. It is formed by a timeline that represents the greatest events connected to this subject whether in a straight way or devious one. A photographic timeline that documents the period regarding the three decades of the berlin wall existance, and several biographies of relevant movie and photography celebreties, that have a carefull and poetic way of looking at the two corners of a divided europe.
Second: MIR magazine nº1 presents in a wide scale the contents suggested in the nº 0, following the same path regarding organization. Along with these objects, the group also developed a cover for the special edition of the movie Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders; The Mirror by Andrey Tarkovsky and a cover for the CD "HEROES"- symphony by Philip Glass.
MIR Nº 0
- O MURO -
Um mundo bipolar