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    Key marketing visuals for Ninja All-Stars. Game graphics for Karate Fight!: Ninja All-Stars Edition.
We enjoy boardgames and it came as quite a surprise when Cadice, Creative Director of Soda Pop Miniatures responded to our portfolio submission. It was back in 2014 and they are looking for someone to handle the key visual for their upcoming Kickstarter, Ninja All-Stars.

Ninja All-Stars is a tabletop miniature game featuring dueling ninja factions and whacky characters. The Kickstarter went live in early 2015 and raised a total of 531,829 USD. 

The key visual which we completed was further enhanced by Soda Pop Miniatures' in-house team and will also be used as the box art for limited edition runs of the game. If you have the chance to see their pull-out banner, the art work is relatively big and has plenty of cute details!
This, below, is the key visual which we submitted. 
Later on, we were also contracted to do up the game art for Karate Fight!: Ninja All-Stars Edition. Featuring plenty of mini red and blue ninjas duking out in a moon-lit temple courtyard with sakura trees. We were provided with the main background and only needed to handle the art for the ninjas in the foreground. 
For certain art in which the angle could not fit within the original background, we did the background for those as well. 
It is with quite a bit of pride that we were given the opportunity to provide almost the entire art for a game (the Karate Fight edition. Not Ninja All-Stars itself). Here's hoping that we will have more opportunities to helm entire projects with Soda Pop Miniatures or other boardgame companies in the future!
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Account Management: KC Ng
Illustrations: Low Zi Rong