A casket makers dream
<L. pro·pri·us: 1. one's own  2. proper  3. appropriate; especiallyadapted or suitable to a specific  purpose  4. naturally belonging (to)5. fitting, seemly, right  6. (Brit. Colloq.) complete; thorough7. (Archaic) a. fine: excellent b. handsome  8. decent; decorous;genteel: often connoting respectability
9. (Eccles) reserved for a particular day

    I have operated Walrus Woodworking with my wife Ruth Ann Meeden since 1974. We married on September 16, 1976. Ruth (then called Shawn) came out of and was a founding member of a Boston woodworking collective called Walrus Woodworking Collective. Shawn was also the first woman since 1921 to take the woodworking class at Boston Trade, and the first woman woodworker in Utah to obtain a Sales Tax licence on July 5, 1973, her birthday. I am proud that Boston lost her, and Utah gained her, and that she is with me now in the Upper Provo, and Weber river drainage. At 16:01 September 12, 2010 Ruth died in the arms of her first born. Her family tenderly buried her on September 15, 2010 with Series 1 #0021 being her casket.

    Proprius Casket & Coffin Company operates as a division of Walrus. I founded it as my personal attitude changed about how the United States in the twentieth century buried its dead. This developed from fifty years of burying my own family members and friends. This led me to develop affordable, traditional solid w
ood caskets, which create simplicity in appearance, strength and integrity in construction, and which create proper, dignified, and beautiful objects. Over the last seven years Proprius has satisfied clients from a broad social background, both in the at need, and pre-need market. They all have identified with a simple, dignified, and finely crafted casket, and they continually encourage my efforts to remain diligent and determined.

   Life experience brings me a deep respect to the creation of caskets that are appropriate with my "ones own" perspective of what is proper, and Proprius is the root word of proper. Understand that this business venture is also a base effort to encourage survivors back to the "Undertaking." You are the one who knows the one you must with respect commit to a disposition of some type (burial, cremation, water resolution, cryogenic such as Promessa or Utah’s own Summun, and of course true green being eaten by vultures that is the preferred method of the Zoroastrians, etc.) Proprius Caskets and Coffins are designed with the family being involved. The extent of your involvement is up to you. Examples of involvement can be you deciding what surrounds your loved one through choosing a pillow, blanket, flowers, requested objects, etc. The driving of the wooden pegs to secure the top to the case is a good opportunity for the family to "own the closing."

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Woods Used
    Our primary choices of woods are the softwoods fir (the true firs, not douglas-fir), englemann spruce, lodgepole, and ponderosa pine. These local woods are brought to market from a local (fourth generation) saw mill five miles from our facility.

   Importantly as well is that the trees are harvested within a forty mile radius of their mill. These trees grow between 6.000 feet elevation and the timber line, and are generally tight grained. This region's geographic features of altitude, moderate temperature, and low humidity, makes air drying gentle and provides for very useful lumber. These woods rank low in decay resistance when in contact with the ground.

   They are very suited to the much needed and growing movement toward using local small business, local resources, the desire for a simpler and affordable burials.
   The decision to support the local economy make Proprius products very economically and environmentally sound. Much fiscal benefit is gained by buying locally. Staves and peg-nails are made from hardwoods.

   The woods used most often for staves are american beech, red oak, and basswood. These are central and eastern united states woods and are purchased from MacBeath Hardwoods in Salt Lake City Utah Peg-nails are made from black locust.

 Casket Features

  The Series 1 casket design is borne out of the always deliberate, studious effort to improve our work, the constant need to understand the properties of wood, the bringing forth conceptual design to real product, and satisfied return and referring clients. The results of the above efforts is a finely crafted, affordable alternative. This casket series is constructed using fingered and sliding dovetails, coupled with tongue and groove joinery held fast by black locust peg-nails. Though no glue or metal fasteners are used the casket is remarkably light weight and strong. The spruces have the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood.

  The casket is unlined, chosen personal items such as a favorite pillow, blanket, shawl, or mementos serve as the lining, and supersede the typical lining style seen. The mattress is simply planer shaving from the making of the casket to be covered with a personal bed sheet. These above contributed items bring a more familiar, approachable circumstance for survivors.

  The casket closing requires two physical actions that can be choreographed by participants. The placement of the top flat, and the driving of peg nails to affix the top fast to the case. Family members drive peg nails home gives another element of ownership for them.

  The stave/strap/litter bar assemblies are to be removed after the grave side services for two reasons. If the litter assembly is to be buried, the removal will reduce the overall width of the casket to 25 ½ in. The litter bars are 29 ½ in. long and will fit in the standard 30 in. wide vault, but 25 ½ in. will provide a larger margin of free space. If the family purchased a complete Series1, the litter assembly can be kept as a memento, or put to other uses which some have done. The removal is another specific opportunity for family participation with their committal.

  We designed and made the casket such as to require no glue, metal or plastics. (A foundation of the Series1 considers why use other manufactured items when they are not needed in this application.) We did not make the casket to be what is label in the vernacular of today as “being green.” We designed our products to be made from firstly, old-fashioned common sense. Secondly, our products made from resources that are available to us within the Utah Wasatch Front. The Uinta englemann spruce we use, has been processed by the mill with forward thinking towards their own future, a healthy, useful, and beautiful forest. This lumber is a better than like products that are usually available, and is air dried gently by the northern Utah climate. Operating by these parameters the Series 1becomes as a green product a purchaser can ever expect to find, and individuals seeking this type of product will find our casket satisfying the strictest of guidelines.

  The casket by design has no surface finish, and this look is fresh and pure. What you feel when the wood is touched is wood and not a film coating. We offer a carnauba wax coating for light protection from soiling for an additional charge of $75.00. This wax does not change the color of the wood. It does yield a silky slick feel. The staves are never waxed.

#0021 to burial 
This is the private burial of Ingmar Bergman on the Swedish island of Faro.  The coffin appears to be made of pine, and is unfinished.  Simplicity abounds everywhere.
A casket makers dream

A casket makers dream

Utilizing local business in conjunction with local resources. Caskets are at times available at no charge to needful individuals.
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