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    A launch campaign for the arrival of Huddersfield Central Premier Inn Hotel Copyright Touch Advertising Ltd 2011
Just Arrived Campaign
To work alongside the viral advert we erected a wooden crate in Huddersfield's Kingsgate shopping centre. This crate was built overnight by our small team ready for shoppers to engage with the next day. Clues of the hotels arrival where stencilled onto the side of the crate. Peep holes in each side allowed peoples curiosity to get the better of them and discover the Premier Inn bed inside which was ready to be slept in. The crate was in the shopping centre for one week and on the 5th day the crate was removed revealing the bed alongside a promotional stand with information about the new hotel. Our crate made it into the local and regional press.
On the day of the opening the hotel hosted a Family Fun Day with lots of activities taking place. We helped organise this event and also designed the door hanging leaflets.
Press Coverage