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    Identidad Gráfica para línea premium de bolsos para hombre de Chenson
Ferló: El complemento que VA sólo contigo
FERLÓ = Fernando + López:

A Portuguese, Spanish and Italian given name equivalent to the Germanic given name Ferdinand or Vernon, with an original meaning of "adventurous, bold journey"

A common surname in the Spanish language (it can also lack the acute accent in a not purely hispanophone context). It was originally a patronymic, meaning Son of Lope, Lope itself being a Spanish given name deriving from Latin lupus, meaning wolf. The surname is first attested in Old Castile in the heart of Spain, where the name originated in Visigothic times,[1] however the name is not of Germanic language origin, but from Latin. Its Portuguese equivalent is Lopes, its Italian equivalent is Lupo, its Romanianequivalent is Lupescu, its Catalan equivalent is Llopis.


"Adventurous, Bold Journey" + "Wolf".

"Adventorous Great Wolf".

Exciting or unusual experience.

Joint Venture: a strategic alliance between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together.