It is not often that we get the chance to do something different and THIS definitely qualifies for ‘different’.
We were offered the opportunity to conceptualize and design a sticker pack for Viber using their characters, Violet, DJ & Legcat around the theme of SG50. So cue all the very Singaporean SG50 things such as Merlion, songs about Singapore and of course, national parade.
Together with the agency, Galixo, we came up with a list of SG50-themed concepts that have not already been done in previous Singapore-themed sticker packs to work from. On hindsight, there are certain iconic images that we could have included such as the Dragon playground. If it had been announced a couple of days earlier, we would also have included a sticker about the now-UNESCO-World-Heritage-Site Botanic Gardens! 
These are the sketches we did based on the concepts. Obviously a good number of things have changed along the way from concept sketches to colored deliverables. 
In many cases, to save time, we started from a base (using existing assets) for the stickers before modifying it to look like our concept. For certain stickers, such as the Har Paw Villa Dragon, there were no base to start from so we created the vector art from scratch. 
The sticker pack was released for free on Viber on 22nd July 2015.
It was quite an interesting project, especially considering that we are not used to doing vector art. In the end, we learnt quite a lot on how to do vector art, ready to challenge the next vector-based art project!
Be sure to go download the sticker pack and send 'auntie/uncle' greetings to each other! 
Account Management: KC Ng
Illustration: Low Zi Rong, Tan Hui Tian and Antonio Low
Special Thanks to Joyce and Isabelle of Galixo AND whoever within Viber who did some of the edits for us