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LlamaLAN XVI Finale

I produced several non-profit films to depict the branching story arc of the LAN (the branching llama drama was decided by the outcome of the LAN party's major tournaments.)  The major production was the finale video.  The finale bridges the themes of Alien Invasion (XVI) and Cyberpunk (XVII).

Original 3D Animation was created by myself.  Models came from a number of sources, but the llama character heads were my own creation.  I had to use some footage from other sources to fill the gap where I unfortunately ran out of time to create my own.

There is some material and inspiration used from films/games which I claim no right to; the videos I create for the LAN events use elements, audio and imagery from all manner of popular cultural icons with which the target demographic are familiar, with humour and homage in mind, to honour the theme of each event.  They are primarily for the entertainment of the event's attendees.