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    Festival stage design
Last summer we did four festivals for Extrema!
The trip took us to Oslo Norway, Houthalen Belgium, Weerd The Netherlands and Best also in the Netherlands.

We designed and build this pyramid stage with the two guardians and hosted it in collaboration with Eigenwijs Produkties at all of these festivals. Check the videos bellow!

In a Collaboration with Eigenwijs Produkties and Venour we started The Bohemian Collective. Sober Industries build the stage for this project. The concept is about a pyramid in the middle, protected by two guardians. The guardians make sure there is no bad energy flowing into the pyramid. They also keep the good energy at the stage. This projects first appearance was last weekend on the Extrema Outdoor Norway 2011 festival in Oslo. It was a blast! Now we are preparing for the Extrema Outdoor NL version the 16th of july.

This is our documentation of the Extrema Outdoor Festival in Norway! Check it out
Sober Industries, Builded 2 stages on Extrema Outdoor NL 2011. The This is, Hosted by sander kleinenberg.
and the pyramid of the Bohemian collective,

music programmed and supported by

This is our documentation of the Extrema Outdoor Festival in Holland! Check it out
The expectations where high this time. Not only because this time the total stage would be projection mapped. But also because Solar Weekend festival is one of the most creative festivals out there. So we came prepared. We had Extrema Outdoor Norway and NL before and were trained for the main event of the season. All the special features like the Sky beam in the pyramid top, the black-light illuminated inside, the white guardians and the projection mapping. It all worked out.

Special thanks to all who supported us!!
Last weekend was the last of our series of 4 festivals with the Extrema Family! Extrema Outdoor Belgium, the first edition of the festival in Belgium, and again we hosted our Bohemian Temple stage! We want to thank Extrema for this amazing opportunity! We hosted our Bohemian Temple Stage 4 times in 3 different countries and it was a wonderful trip. We met a lot of beautiful people and got a lot of love. Thanks to everybody who supported us!

Big shout out to the 'EIGENWIJS' Boys!!