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    A mix of illustration jobs for various clients.
Illustrations, Miscellaneous

 A fold out poster for the publication 'Cowmixx', by the Animation Department of the National Institute of Design.
Artwork for a commemorative diary celebrating 10 years of TASI, The Animation Society of India.
Book Cover. 'Coming Soon, The End' by Omkar Sane, about the mad world of Television.
Illustration for an article on Magic, by Nakul Shenoy, for 'Brainwave', a science magazine for kids.
 Illustration for a short story titled: 'The Internal Clock' by Varun Rajiv, for 'Brainwave'.
Illustration for a short story titled: 'Witcheroo' by Shreekumar Varma, for 'Brainwave'.
Strange creatures that inhabit the flat i once used to live in. This one is called a Stumble, and he's a little shy.
This one is not shy at all. He's a Wallow.