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I've appeard documentary videos
produced by Behance Japan!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - Nemury's interview -
Chapter 3 - Rianti's interview -
Chapter 4 - Nemury's interview -
Chapter 5 - Rianti's interview -
Chapter 6 - Nemury's interview -
Chapter 7 - Rianti's interview -
Chapter Final
I picked Rianti's "Marin & The Sea Prince".
My  first thoughts
Rianti's artwork is so complicated & so dramatic like a climax of a movie.
It will a challenge for me to create it so simple.
My Work In Progress
On weekdays, I’m working in a design office, and I go home very late at night.
Furthermore, on weekends, I’m busy with parenting all the day.
There was no time to create personal artworks for several years,
but, I came up with a best solution last summer!
Everyday, I’m commuting by train.
So I began to create artworks with an iPhone by using the commuting time.
I tried a lot of drawing apps,
and finally I came across the app named “#patchwork”
developed by Andrew Gluschenko.
The Completed Artwork
Work In Progress
Behance Portfolio Reviews Event
"Behance Japan Portfolio Reviews #7" was held
on Jul. 4, 2015.
After The Event
The poste came my home!
Thank You For Watching
My Project!

Behance Portfolio Reviews Event Poster

Behance Portfolio Reviews Event Poster

Behance Portfolio Review Event Poster produced by Behance Japan.