CORE is a pack of digital works from our artists showcasing their art-piece based on the theme given to them. Each CORE consists of Solo Work of the artist himself and Collaboration Work between the artists. The CORE is released in 2 – 4 months time and in every CORE, we do consider on the quality of the work and we have a critics and comments sessions.

We presents you, Nature.

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 Infinium by Muhammad Syahman
 Nature by Ahmad Shah (Csel) Http://
Control Yourself by Fauzan Malek
Nature of The Darkside by Muhammad Yunus
The Traveller by Ajim JImkimjat
Her Theories by Ajim Jimkimjat
Bunnyboy Loves His Fruit and Vege by Abs Lee
Mother Nature by Arip Ghazali (Jing Roxes)
Unparalleled by Ajim Jimkimjat
 Lion In Heart by Muhammad Shameen
 Escape by Azhan Karim
 Awaken by Muhammad Syahman
 Rose by Muhammad Syahman
 Sweet Dreams by Muhammad Syahman
 Jazz by Bahia Khalid
 Tigress Honey Paw by Bahia Khalid
 Morning Gems (KacaKaca Pagi) by Imran Abdul Jabar
 Golden Prairie by Imran Abdul Jabar
 H2O by Farhan Fadhli
 Autumn Quantum by Adit Saputra
 Re Wujie by Adit Saputra
 Egypt Sphinx Reborn