New personal illustration work for 2015: Camomile Ryan.
An exploration of my thoughts and feelings on social interaction.
Meeting that old friend for a cuppa. Meeting that blind date for the first time.
Those moments become so distinctive, we can access them with smell, sound and touch.
Remembering the noisy traffic meeting your friend, the warm cup of tea during your first date
with that special somebody. This illustration is a celebration of those special moments.
I first sketched the piece out in my A5 notebook. I scanned in my rough pencils, retouched them and scaled them up to A3.
I printed them off and used them as a template for the final A3 drawing. I drew the illustration using 0.05 - 0.8 Unipen Fine Line technical pens, I then edited and coloured it in Adobe Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuous 3 tablet.
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