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    Flash photography portraits documenting Halloween celebrations.
Bloomington, Indiana
Documentary photography is something I'm becoming more interested in. It's quite different than having ideas about how I want to set up a particular scene in a studio or shoot a still object. I like to shoot people that I've never met before and go into it without expectations or ideas about what exactly I hope to get out of it, because although the end result is my interpretation of a group or event, I feel that it wouldn't be true to the spirit of whatever I was shooting. I started this project in 2011 and hope to continue it each year. I am fascinated by the cultural phenomenon that is Halloween, that is, the driving force behind pop-up stores, trick-or-treating, and costume-making, among other things. As I worked I noticed the difference between the ways that children and college-aged students celebrate, reflecting on my own memories and experiences. There is an innocence in the candy and costume ritual, one that parents are still allowed to be part of. Although many college celebrations include a costume, it is more often a reason to drink. The series is far from complete, but I am satisfied with the direction it is going in, and enjoyed experimenting with my flash for the first time.