Design Inspiration
Life has become fast paced, people have become busy and their lives have become more intricate. They don’t have much time to keep track of the ingredients already in their pantry. Shopping for ingredients to fill their needs is a hassle. Invariably the wrong ingredients are purchased and the required ones forgotten. At the same time, users across the world are becoming more conscious about what they eat and how they eat it; they like trying new recipes, new ingredients and simultaneously entertaining friends and family. Food is not only about eating for nourishment anymore, it’s about the experience and the experimentation. This has created a new market for new foods, new products and variety of diets. Keeping track of ingredients in the kitchen has become more difficult due all of the above.
User Research
User research was performed within a group of prospect users and it was discovered that they have a hard time keeping track of the ingredients and products in their kitchens. Sometimes users would eat out or order in due to their being unaware of what their kitchen holds. Sometimes they would end up tossing foods that were expired because they forgot they had them. Other times they would do a supermarket run and forget ingredients, having to go back or look for a different source. Money, time and effort were lost due to their unawareness of their kitchen’s inventory.
User Stories
Jane is a typical mother of 3 whose life is busy. She’s constantly running to take care of her kids, her husband and herself and at the same time running her household effectively. Her kitchen is the last thing she wants to deal with on a regular basis, however it’s unavoidable. Her supermarket runs have become more and more common because she always forgets ingredients and she feels her life is a perpetual supermarket run.
Molly loves finding new recipes during her lunch hour at work. The supermarket is near her office so she stops on her way home for the ingredients listed in those recipes. Invariably, she buys ingredients she already has and doesn’t buy some she thinks she has. If she was aware of what’s in her kitchen, this wouldn’t occur.
A number of iterations and user testing allowed us to discover that the scope of the project was too wide. It was decided to narrow the scope and work on the MVP that solved a specific problem: Lack of awareness of what’s in the kitchen.
From then, the solution became clear and iterations allowed us to work on specific User Interactions that improved the use of the application.
A paper prototype was created using Marvel as well as a more hi fidelity one using Keynotopia.
A wearable options was also introduced which allows the users to interact with the app.