F A C I A L  E X P R E S S I O N S   ©
A re-creation of an old project made to meet professional expectations for "creative retouching." The past few years I wanted to focus more on technique and skill rather then the overall idea. The project direction was to develop this as if it were for a fashion magazine, with modern typography and presentation to a client with high standards of retouching.
This ongoing project is to portray society from my experience living overseas. Many of us have blank sullen faces. With these expressions viewed, I wonder what peoples true colors are hidden beneath the darkness. This project is to help unveil those emotions, those different expressions that individuals hide in plane sight.


Solution :  Clean retouching recreated in Photoshop.
                  Modern Look / Clean / Professional Retouching.
                  One Color Representation

DesignCreative Direction / Photoshop CC
               Based on a previous artwork, "Infectious Expression" the artwork has expanded into a series of "Facial Expressions"
               representing my personality and situations that I've persevered in.

AWARDS: One Eyeland "Official Selection"
PUBLISHED: Best of the Best Photographers 2014


Thank you for viewing. This is an ongoing project, showcasing new work, and expanding my skills.

Photography: Mikhail Malyugin
Retouched: Lauren R.

Art Direction / Creative Advertisement / Editorial Design / Communication  by Ian V.
Year 2016  ®
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