Hermit, a short film realized by Eduardo Meza Gill, inspired by the music of Yakamoto Kotzuga, alias Giacomo Mazzucato.
Hermit is a visual tale of a complicated love affair that like a blindfold  on people’s eyes  displays reality not for what is it but deformed and it traps us inside our own -intrinsically ego-centrist- horror melodramas.
Hermit’s roots sprouts from the meeting between the Venezuelan Eduardo Meza and the Italian Giacomo Mazzucato who immediately discovered thinking in sync. Both attracted and fascinated by dreamlike narratives and allegoric style, in Hermit Eduardo transfers Kotzuga’s intricately melodramatic soundscape in a visually irresistible and simultaneously honest reflection of the inevitable extremity of human emotions.
As Yakamoto Kotzuga refers “Working with Eduardo was an unexpected pleasure. At first we did not know each other very well, but as he shown me the script I realized he was the right man. He analyzed the song in a very precise way (perhaps because he is also a great musician) and brought out the sick and dark vibes of the track.”
                                                                           ACTORS:   Antonella Menga / Paolo Pessot
                                                                                                  Doubles: Karen Oetling / Francesco Novara
                                                                        DIRECTOR:   Eduardo Enrique Meza
                                         PRODUCTION CONSULTANT:    Marco Pavan
                                                                              1st A.D.:    Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
                                                                              2nd A.D:    Karen Oetling
                                      DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY:    Po-Kwan Shek
                                                       CAMERA OPERATOR:    Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
                                                PRODUCTION DESIGNER:     Karen Oetling
                                                                           KEY GRIP:     Furio Marco Magliani
                                                                              EDITING:    Eduardo Enrique Meza / Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
                                                              COLOR GRADING:    Po-Kwan Shek
                                                  WARDROBE ASSISTANT:    Nicoletta Aveni
                                                                             MAKEUP:    Katrina Herzog
                                                         VFX / COMPOSITING:    Eduardo Enrique Meza
                                                                         ANIMATION:    Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
Wardrobe by SISLEY.
Shot at Benetton Studios (Treviso, Italy)


Hermit is a visual tale of a complicated love affair that like a blindfold on people’s eyes displays reality not for what is it but deformed and Read More
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