Bay Church Visual Identity and Branding System

Current website and online presence - hosted by Clover
Above the fold layout with simple menu structure and slide module for imagery
Watch Online: 3 click process - new window opens with full library of media (this is still available in new CS3 version of clover)
Calendar - same situation - slightly bulky
Beta version of clover CS3 is a click switch but appears to require purchase of new theme (full customization of font and colors in Beta)
Other faith communities have been using wordpress themes and customizing for need - will explore this solution
Goals: improved outreach to local demographics/further sharing of video/audio, organized and consistent messaging, strong brand approach
Pain Points: website is mobile ready but could use tweaking for easier access (new CS3 version of clover will assist) 
Video recently introduced - intro is currently 15 sec - trim to under 10 - perhaps further time remap of cityscape/have several versions with different background music
Social - need schedule and rhythm as well as ecosystem to cut down on task time - also need analytic metrics
Logo - blue/grey simple shape style  - representing a diverse community of churchgoers/age/ethnicity/families/singles
How can we create a visual identity system that enfolds Bay Church and it’s Revolutionary Love?
Bay Church is the people of the church
Revolutionary Love is the outreach and mission of the church - outward focus towards community, city, and the God-hungry
Bay Church is an umbrella - its ministries should be within brand system, naming, and look/feel although they be represented individually, they will come together as family of brand
family/love/community/growth/inspiration/life changing
Revolutionary Love- is an ongoing campaign with multiple targets and outreach, its look and feel should be vibrant/action oriented/impactful/in your face/like a hug/like a call in the dark\
Action Statements and visual messages: 
chains broken
hearts wide open
life restored
daily bread
its a lifestyle
hope for tomorrow
Bay Church Visual Identity and Branding System

Bay Church Visual Identity and Branding System

Bay Church is a growing faith community in need of clear, consistent visual presence and messaging. Project in progress to establish visual ident Read More

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