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Free PSD Magazine Mockup

Magazine Mockup PSD

An easy to use and integrated PSD magazine mockup to display your designs projects. Refined layers and Smart Objects allow for more realistic and easier easier application of your designs to ensure more photo-realistic images.

Included are 4 PSD template ready file, with full labelled layers. There are no constraints, add your own background or tweak the template to suit your design. A great way to present your work to clients or for your personal portfolio.

- Isometric Covers
- Front Cover
- Inside Spread
- Back Cover

July 2017
Jan-Alfred Barclay

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*Free for commercial and private use. 
You may modify this PSD to your liking to suit your project, however I am not legally liable for any improper misuse. 
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Free PSD Magazine Mockup

Free PSD Magazine Mockup

Magazine mockup 2017 update.


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