During my third year of university I worked on a collaboration project where myself and three other students created the White Matter Brand. As a part of this project I designed the 'Neuro Pendant Light' which was showcased at New Designers 2015. The Light was created using DLA (diffusion limited aggregation) software, created by Paul Bourke, and physically brought to life through the art of 3d printing. In addition to making physical models, the DLA software also lends itself to artistic experimentation on a computer screen. After visiting 'The Collection' museum in Lincoln, my group discovered a variety of STL files that virtually housed 3D scanned sculptures. The sculptures can be uploaded into the DLA programme, and have the virtual fractal roots grow inside or around them. This is very much at an experimental stage, however I would like to proceed with physically bringing these models to life through 3D printing as part of the MA Design course at the University of Lincoln. The project would aim to combine art, design and science.