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    hand-made sweets

S Ł O D K I  T O W A R 
(whole project based on a play on words and letters*)

(Sweet Goods) are handmade, self-decorated, sweet decorative (and not only) products for every occasion. Each year, at Christmas and other calendar holidays, flagship product of the brands are gingerbreads, also muffins and pies. Products that aren't only associated with pleasure for a palate, primarily should please the eyes. They are colorful so a simple form of mark contrasts with products of the brand. Mark is visible, memorable. Among many simplified icons of cupcake's geometrical form of logo sets him apart. 

*SŁODKI TOWAR can refer to relations (a hot man or a woman) to product or to any form that we consider to be 'sweet' 

signboard with the image modeled on characters from fairy has been designed 

with the slogan for the purpose of accompanying events promotion 

gingerbread.- it's a word game in which the phrase "Ja Piernicze" (in Polish) 

refers to gingerbread (piernik), but depending on context could mean that 

someone is talking nonsense or gets excited (by using diacritics 'ę' at the end)... or 

just say "oh f*ck" in a soft way ;-)

fot. Słodki Towar
fot. Słodki Towar
fot. Słodki Towar