Mural On a School bus Roof.
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This is a mural that my friend Eatcho ( and I recently painted on the inside of a school bus roof that has been turned into a restraraunt. Some of these characters are mine, some are his and some we both worked on. we felt that the only way to approach painting a mural in such tight quarters would be to pack the mural with so many characters and action that no matter where you are sitting there is a story unfolding in front of you, since you can't step back and look at the mural as a whole. It was very difficult to paint on the ceiling, my neck was killing mr every night, but it was a good learning experience. there is really no way to photograph the mural as a whole so we did it in small sections, just like you would view it in person. It is mostly done with acrylic, mistint house paint, and ink. If you are ever in Portland Oregon, stop by N.E. Alberta & 11th and check it out. Thanks for looking!