ILM: Intellectual Lifestyle Magazine (Issue 2)
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Above: Note the cover does not feature the black band behind the masthead - to suggest the ambiguity of boundaries and definition of territorial ownership.

These are editorial proposals for the second issue of my ILM (Intellectual Lifestyle Magazine).

This issue of ILM would explore a conflict (for example, Palestine / "Israel") with the same rigorous, academic investigation as before with the topic of hijaab. Given how this publication breaks down an issue, I thought it would be interesting to further reflect this unique“journalism” in the design and aesthetic by opening every new article profiling an individual “involved” in the conflict with the initials oft heir name (in Arabic).

As well as an overview and history of the politics, geography and population of the region, the magazine would engage the issue on a grass roots level, conducting in-depth interviews with leading members of governmental, political and militant factions on both sides to gauge how the situation has been affected by those leading the charge on various fronts and more importantly, individuals of all ages and backgrounds who make up the rich population of this comparatively,small geography," to introduce the perspective of those whose lives are affected by the decisions of their respective leaders or leaders of nations around the world.


All photography, styling, lighting by Qamar Ramzan.
All art direction, editorial and typography by Muiz.
Individuals featured in this photography are in no way related to my article.