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    Unsolicited Redesign of Tuoi Tre newspaper's front page
Tuoi Tre newspaper front page
An unsolicited redesign
Tuổi Trẻ ("Youth") is a major daily newspaper in Vietnam, publishing in Vietnamese from Hồ Chí Minh City. Originally a publication of the Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Organization, it has grown to become the largest (and arguably the most progressive) newspaper in the country. This unsolicited redesign is simply a personal exercise that attempts to interpret how it would look in the style of "The Guardian", a British newspaper whose design I hugely admire.

Key changes:
• Masthead - The current one, while distinctive, looks a bit childish and dated and doesn't fit the newspaper's clout and status. Hence the change.
• Layout - A simple grid-based approach.
• Content - The current front page tends to be a mishmash of headlines, images and short blurbs (an approach favored by most Vietnamese dailies) presumably to better grab readers' attention. As someone who reads newspaper cover to cover (not jumping about haphazardly), I prefer to start reading key articles right on the front page.
Actual Tuoi Tre front page - as of Jan 2012
The Guardian (UK) front page - as of Jan 2012