Turtleback Books Catalogue
Catalogue design for Turtleback Books, a division of Sun Val Inc.
The design process for this catalogue was very challenging. The publication had to be able to be personalized to different clients. We created a page in the beginning that switched out in the bindery process that allowed company logos to be printed on the first page and show through because of a custom die on the heavy stock cover.

The inside of the catalogue was designed by creating InDesign templates that all information could be flowed into from a data server. Once the information for all the titles was flowed in, the catalogue was fine tuned with minimal work and main pages were inserted.

The client was so happy about the way the piece came out that they said it was "too nice of a catalogue for them". Nice to hear and they reran the same design the next year with a minor color shift on the cover to differentiate the versions.