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EBN - Logo
Design Process Illustrated
For: EBN
Date: 01/2012
Extent: Logo

Final accepted logo-design, design-process illustrated below
As you can see the design starts off as a sketch, a rough idea so to speak.
I used the rising-sun as a leitmotif and tried to keep it throughout the designs (either invoking the color or as a straight design-element) while branching out into variants.
During the feedback phase we decided that the castle-motif, while fitting, was too complex and heavy and the "spiky" half-sun too agressive. The odd-one out turned out to be the "step back" variant where I tried to go a totally different route.
As you can see though all variants were useful to home in on the final design. If you look closely you can see the relation between the final design and all its previous iterations.