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    Identity project

Corporate Identity Project (multiple pieces)
Université du Québec à Montréal, UQAM
Logotype, symbol, custom numbers and typographic alternates

The brand name development was based on the architectural term ‘cintre’, french for ‘arc’, and also french for ‘hanger’. The ‘arc’ acts as the architectural structure that strengthens and supports a construction. This support principle is the root of the object used to hang and support clothes, the hanger, ‘le cintre’ in french. From this root word emerges the verb ‘cintrer’, french for ‘to curve in’. This verb is often used to describe an adjusted piece of clothing, for example, ‘une chemise cintrée’, ‘an adjusted shirt’. The adjusted piece of clothing often illustrates a person’s attention to detail, appearance and aesthetics. This principle then relates to organisation, care, sorting, cleaning and hanging, leading to the idea of moving things around and travelling, making the link with the boutique hotel. The idea behind Le Cintré & Co., is to offer an atmosphere revolving around arts and urban culture, to an open minded, intellectual, non-conformist and creative target clientele. The hotel space has the particularity of hosting conferences, exhibits, workshops and cultural activities. Le Cintré & Co. collaborates with artists from around the globe, working in various creative spheres, to promote and contribute to the hotel’s constant development in terms of decoration, events, promotional items, salable goods etc. Le Cintré & Co.’s shop also serves to sale conceptual pieces by collaborating artists, always created in parallel with the hotel’s identity, in a way that will appeal to its atypical target clientele. Le Cintré & Co. is made up of multiple departments, sub brands and signature events, which all have a specific name, function and logotype that support the main brand.

The project focuses on the graphic identity of all the printed matter relative to Le Cintré & Co., from hotel utilities to promotional artist pieces.

Applied Arts Magazine, Corporate Identity Award, Toronto 2012
Published in Identity Suite No.1, Victionary Books
Published in Sensation - Theme & Promo Graphics, Sandu Books 2012
Published in Promogenda - Absolute Stationery Design, Sandu Books 2012
Published in Asia-Pacific Design Vol.8, Sandu Books 2012