Senior Project: my final project as a UW Stout student in the Graphic Design program.

Antidote was created in an effort to increase vaccination availability to every person around the globe. This transdermal vaccine is pain free, easy to use, and above all, self-administered. Its ability to be shipped, stored, and utilized by nearly anyone makes Antidote an attractive solution in developing countries and in areas of need where vaccination availability is restricted by the shortage of healthcare workers.
Each color represents a different vaccination. Essentially, as more vaccinations are created in the Antidote transdermal, more colors would also be introduced.
Antidote is packaged in small, easy to carry tins, as a 2 step process, all explained in the instruction booklet.
Fully functioning coded website.
Large posters
Magazine ad with photograph.
Display for Antidote.
Medicine bottles were designed to add to the feel of the show, but serve no purpose to the Antidote brand itself.