Mosaicoon – Identity Concept
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    Mosaicoon – Identity Concept
Identity Concept

Mosaiccon is a company which is managing the entire process of creating online video content, from concept to production, from distribution to tracking its performance. It is a platform which allows creatives, video makers and publishers to work together with a common goal –  making videos for the web. The icon represents a mosaic of tiles that together form the “M” of Mosaicoon. The use of the RGB colors (red, green, blue) built immediate link with the world of video entertainment. The colorful tiles are not static but in an absolutely new and modern way they move within the “M” icon and in this way they give freedom of play and expression to the brand. The idea, in fact, is to create a logo “alive”, able to change and evolve with the platform.

* Il logo rappresentato non costituisce il logo ufficiale della società ma rappresenta una mera proposta creativa realizzata per l’azienda e da quest’ultima non accettata.