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    Second submission to Depthcore Chapter XLIII: TIME
for Depthcore XLIII: TIME
This was my second submission to the latest Depthcore Chapter, and the process for this piece was fairly protracted. I didn't begin this piece with a clear idea as to what the finished piece was going to be like, and for that reason the process ended up being a fairly experimental journey, although the final result was mostly digital painting.
 Initial Line-art 
Version One
This was my first version of the complete image, however following some constructive criticism from other Depthcore members this version underwent a  fairly extensive overhaul.
The background on the previous version wasn't working, and the text and image looked too seperate so  I re-painted the background, and extended the ink to wrap around the text.
Final Version 
After some further revision of the typography I am finally satisfied with the composition, so I add some final details and the piece is finished. (You can view the full-size version at the Depthcore site)