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    Issue 2, the Summer edition of Firewords Quarterly, includes a diverse mix of quirky tales, powerful poetry and bold illustrations.
Issue 2, the Summer edition of Firewords Quarterly, includes a diverse mix of quirky tales, powerful poetry and bold illustrations.

This was the first issue in which we used our new 48-page, perfect-bound format. Issue 1 was printed on newsprint and I developed the changes to Issue 2 based on market research and feedback from stockists.
You can order a copy of this issue from the Firewords website. Visit the main Firewords project page on my portfolio to learn more about the brand and the thinking behind it.
Editor: Dan Burgess
Associate Editor: Jen Scott
Assistant Editor: Mike Wolfson
Design & Art Director: Dan Burgess
Cover Artwork: Mia Funk
Artistic Contributors: Chad Geran, Daniel Duke, Ella Johnston, Maggie Appleton, Natalie Kenna, Terence Tang, Wouter ter Keurs
Written Contributors: Alison Wassell, Andrew Patch, Anton Rose, C.C. Russell, Charlie Galbraith, C.M. Beckett, David Wiley, Elizabeth Stott, Ethan Chapman, Harley Staggars, Ian Shine, J.T. Harrell, Jack Westlake, Jason Graff, John Biggs, Malene Huse Eikrem, Mansour Chow, Michael Lynch, Mike Alexander, Peter Davison, Richard B. Knight, Richard Smyth, Roger Farnworth, Stephen Thom, Vaidehi Patil, Valentina Cano, Vicki Jarrett, Vicky Walker
(Above) 'I Gotta Get Outta Here', a short story by C.M. Beckett / Design by me
(Above) 'It Is All Little Marbles In Our Ears', a short story by Stephen Thom / Illustration by Maggie Appleton
(Above) 'The Bird Peddler', a poem by Valentina Cano / Illustration by Ella Johnston
(Above) 'Five Seasons', a short story by Malene Huse Eikrem / Design by me
(Above) 'Backyard Diplomacy', a poem by Jason Graff / Illustration by Daniel Duke / 'How to Not Get Eaten by Tigers', a short story by Vicki Jarrett
(Above) 'Parting Out', a short story by Harley Staggars / Design by me
(Above) 'Behind the Frame', a short story by Vaidehi Patil / Illustration by Chad Geran
(Above) 'Harry Simpson’s Body', a short story by Jack Westlake / Design by me / Hand lettering by Wouter ter Keurs
(Above) 'Approval', a short story by Mansour Chow / Illustration by me
(Above) 'Monkey’s Blood', a short story by Anton Rose / Lettering by me
Issue 2 Cover artwork by Mia Funk
Thank you for checking out this project. If you would like a copy of Issue 2, click here visit the Firewords shop.