improvements on a vacation house
Trikala Korinthias | Greece
The owner of this vacation house, which is located, as seen below, in a very picturesque greek mountainous landscape, realized that it was in need of certain improvements, in order to make the use of this vacation house more vivid and enjoyable.
The owner wanted a barbecue corner, accompanied by a built table. This barbecue corner was to be protected by the weather by a wooden pergola, which could be covered, when needed, by a fabric shader. Furthermore, there was a design suggestion for the front yard of the house, with the addition of a swimming pool. The house didn't have a guest room as well, so one was created with wooden light- weight sliding walls. 
photo of the landscape that the owner wanted to enjoy during a Sunday barbecue
the masterplan and the areas of redesign:
the wooden pergola, the barbecue, the table, the pool and the guest room
drawings of the pergola, the barbecue, the table and the railing details
drawings of the guest room
construction drawings and details of the pergola given to the wood supplier and constructor
photos of the outcome