The Most Important Things to Take on a Hiking Trip
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Hiking is an outdoor activity that's popular in every country around the globe. While such an activity can be both fun and exciting, you cannot deny the fact that it can be risky at the same time. There will be times that you can get lost and won't be able to find the way back to the trail. This is the reason why it is very crucial that every individual who loves the outdoors learn some basic survival strategies that will keep him or her out of harm's way in case he loses his way while hiking or camping.
You need to consider many things when packing for any hiking adventure, but perhaps the most important among them is food and water. Water, in particular, is very crucial, because while you can survive for weeks without food, you will only be able to last a few days without water. In the wild, water quality is questionable, which is why you need to have with you a water purifying kit.
Another important thing you need to consider is a first aid kit. As a rule of thumb; the bigger the kit, the better. When preparing a first aid kit, put any medical condition you have into consideration. For instance, if you have asthma, make sure you include your inhaler in the kit. Don't forget the basic items as well, including a pair of scissors, antiseptic wipe packets, adhesive cloth tapes and bandages, and sterile gauze pads.
Finally, don't forget to take along with you any communication device like your mobile phone, hand held radio, and walkie-talkie. Having any of these devices will allow you to call for rescue in case of some unwanted event. Just make sure you take along with you some extra batteries because you don't want your phone or radio to die down on you when you need them the most.
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Aside from your water purifier bottle, first aid kit, and communication device, you need to consider other things when preparing for a camping or hiking trip and those can be found here. Nevertheless, those three items highlighted in the article are perhaps the things you should never leave home without. Keep these things in mind the next time you plan for an outdoor adventure and you can rest assured that you would be a hundred percent safe your entire trip no matter what.