Between November 2014 and June 2015 I was part of a Brazilian game studio, named Interama, working as 2D general artist for a musical animation project. Aimed for young kids, the show is based on an homonymous social webgame and takes on issues about citizenship, traffic behavior, environment preservation, safety in urban environment, precautions in water environments, among others.
I had the oportunity to develop several assets, from backgrounds, to characters, animals and props, and these are just a piece of the whole lot of drawings I did for this project.
Here are a few scenes, props, animals and animations.

Here you can watch some of these designs in action on the videos available at the YouTube official channel.

Playlist with some of the songs already available via YouTube.
Here you can see some of these drawings animated, as well as a lot of drawings I didn't uploaded.
Animation by Gabriella Balista.