Love Your Own
Smile, the inflight magazine of Cebu Pacific Air, ran an article on indigenous Filipino crafts and activities that readers can learn while reconnecting with one's heritage. The magazine wanted a handmade feel to the illustrations, so I opted for pencil for the base drawings.

Read the article here.
This instrument is called a kutyapi. A traditional stringed instrument that almost looks like a guitar.
The traditional Filipino martial art known as arnis uses sticks and even bladed weapons in fighting. In recent years, it has become popular in a lot of Hollywood fight scenes.
The traditional Filipino way of preparing a chocolate drink (or tsokolate) is through the batirol. 
An ancient Filipino tribe known as the Mangyan, have been known to practice the craft of writing their script along bamboo rods.
This is an example of a traditional loom, with its patterns being woven by hand.