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    Creating personalized gifts from a god to the characters of the game for a fight with an evil creature far beyond them. research into the charact… Read More
    Creating personalized gifts from a god to the characters of the game for a fight with an evil creature far beyond them. research into the characters abilities and story led to a truly customized and beautiful set of supplemental cards. Read Less
About: These Cards were designed to supplement a play session of Pathfinder where players recieved gifts from the Goddess Nerid to fight an extraplaner evil. Each card was customized with a symbol representing the character it was upgrading. Overall these cards were a huge hit with the group. 
Briskol is a cleric of the flame primodrial who seeks to cleanse evil with the purifiying flame. This card was simple enough with a large fire, from a game mastering stand point the card was tailored to supplement healing  and the ability to offensively cast his spells. 
Delenda was once a simple girl defending the farmming villiage. Upon meeting a fellow adventurer she took up the psionic arts. The symbol used for Delenda is for that of Garruk V Liliana of the Magic the Gathering series. She embodies both the destructive and protective natures within, and in among the very sense an outcast. Delenda's card was Designed from a game mastering standpoint to allow for maximum damage both psionically and physically 
Alara is a fractured soul. Banned from her home at an early age forced to travel and develop in such a manner contrary to the schools beliefs. However she prevailed. The symbol chosen for Alara comes from the "Shards of Alara" block in Magic the Gathering. I chose it more for the representation of fractured separation just like her, than anything else. From a Game Mastering Stand point the card was developed to augment her casting of powers bringing cohesion to the fractured one . 
Fallgrim's card was designed to represent his dedication to a simple life in the forest, Just as his ranger and druidic roots taught him. He is a man of the flora and fauna and nothing changes that. From a game mastering standpoint this card was designed to augment his natural ability to change shape into different creatures by adding a category previously locked to him and increasing his natural ability. 
Malfina is a mystery to all and she likes to keep it that way. As a woman of many tongues and talents she manipulates people into doing her bidding. When designing her card the symbol for Jace V Chandra from Magic the Gathering.  A mind controlling master and a spitfire of personality, quite honestly Malfina in a hutshell. From a game mastering perspectice the card was designed with augmenting these natural powers of hers. 
The back of Nerid's gift featuers her symbol. A home made emblem of a sea turtle among the waves surrounded by words of wisdom in the elven tongue.