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    This is a stop motion animation we did with Gustavo Abril for the Young Lions Competition.
Young Lions Competition
This is a video we did for the Young Lions Competition with Gustavo Abril, we had 48 hours to make it. Needless to say we didn't sleep much, we didn't change our clother for two days, but we didn't wanna waste any time and we were loving what we were doing, so didn't matter much. In the video you can see a misspelled word... it is tragic to see, cuz' we had the word right, but because of the time and the lack of sleep and the bunch of paper laying around the room, 
we got it wrong. But here is our 48 hour baby, we would like to offer you some cookies and juice while you watch it, but you are to far away, maybe next time when we meet each other, hope you enjoy. Love, Tavo and Ceci.