The task was to create and design a newspaper that reunites part of the projects created during the postgraduate in Editorial Design at Elisava. The question is: how do you show 33 magazines, 17 books and 17 digital publications without making the newspaper seem like a compilation of trading cards? We had to create a newspaper in 2 parts, one for each group of students, but having in mind that it needed to work as whole. The best proposals would be published for the “walking room” show at the end of the postgraduate. In the end, a third part was added, having the newspaper composed by “cropped”, “context” and “whatsapp”. This is a summary of the part we created: “Cropped”. We decided to take a step back and work around the duality between object and subject separating the newspaper in 2 sections. The first one shows all the projects done during the course and the second the students who created them. The way of connecting both sides is through 2 decisions: coding the projects and adding the numbers that belong to each student on their portrait and using the same visual language for all the photos through black and white scans.