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    Classification of crafts within the Island Craft Store to enhance customer's understanding of Island Craft brand
Island Craft is an organization that works to promote and sustain local craftsmen and women of Sri Lanka. Different crafts are found in different regions of the Island and likewise, Island Craft has centers in each of these regions that make sure craftspeople get work and a stable income in order to preserve the skill, while also working with craftspeople to adapt the traditional craft and develop contemporary designs that are better suited for the modern market.

However, when I visited the Island Craft store at Park Street Mews (relocated on Duplication Road), there was a lack of signage/content to guide a customer's understanding of Island Craft as a brand and an organization. Therefore, I developed a classification system that could be then applied within the store.
Map of Sri Lanka. Each pattern on the map represents a different craft.
The store displays the finished crafts. I felt that it was important to develop graphics which emphasizes the crafts people's hands, and the process and skill that actually goes into creating the craft to widen the customer's understanding of Island Craft.