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    Kunhadi is an NGO in Lebanon that tackles all road safety issues.

rinking, drinking, and more drinking.
Unfortunately In a city that never sleeps, people don't have the reflex to avoid driving and drinking, or taking a cab on a night out. This communication ran during the christmas season in Beirut and various Lebanese areas through Print, Outdoor, Trucks branding, TV and online channels, to encourage people to act responsibly. The main emotional insight we used alludes to the anxiety our parents go through while waiting for us. 
Campaign featured on this blog among others http://stateofmind13.com/category/entertainment-2/tv-ads/
in these print executions, the arabic kashidas are used to seperate between the two opposing elements. Each of the layouts juxtaposes a party-item with a sleepless-night-at-home element. 
The lines translate "your parents are staying up late this new years.. Until you're back"