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The Creative Jam in Tokyo occured in Harajuku. 8 teams of top creatives had only 3 hours to create an artwork or an animation with Creative Cloud and all based on the same theme:
Magnificent artworks by 大輪英樹|HIDEKI OWAPULP)&  ルイス・メンド | Luis Mendo
Drawings on canvas. Captured and edited in Photoshop CC.
"Creativity is the only way to truly break free from and transcend the constraints we're given—the negative becomes positive; the meek become mighty; the canvas reveals new layers.
When we were given this particular phrase as inspiration, we were given the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that and more."
Artwork by 金 宏美 |Hiromi Kin & 山本 卓弥|Takuya Yamamoto
Artwork created with Adobe Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.
"Sword destroys. (Subversive activity by violence)
Pen can reverse our stereotypes. Or it can also break though the uneducated oneself in the past (Subversive activity by non-violence) and the influence it can give us varies depending on how you take it.  We created the illustration of hands hoping that our visual design could play a role of Pen."
Artwork by 長瀬 映子|EIKO NAGASEAQworks)& Ryan RuelAQworks)
Created with Photoshop CC
"We wanted to take the quote, which is so often shown from the point of view of the sword, and illustrate just how a pen was mightier – where we came up with this concept to drive our work. 
“A sword cuts one way, but a pen remembers everything.”
We started with a more political direction, the drawing of maps and boundaries, but we began to wonder what’s stronger than history? The base of history is recording, memory – and each imprint of a person’s handwriting being a little recording really resonated as something “mighty” to us."
Artwork on John Lennon by 山東 崇之|TAKAYUKI SANDOSANDO.)& 笠井 大地|DAICHI KASAI
Created with Illustrator CC
"Instead of using an expression of exercise of force, we created the graphic using a message of anti-war by John Lennon who spoke about world peace through his words and poetry."
Using Stop Motion techniques, Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe After Effects CC.
"We grasped the theme as “Strength of the imagination” and created artwork which expresses the capacity for imagination (Pen) overcoming the violence (Sword). We tried to make it simply communicate with viewers by using the combination of drawing and frame-by-frame recording."
by TAKAKURA KAZUKI & m7kenji (
"今回のテーマをストレートに表現したゲーム形式の作品です。 ペンの形をした機体をで操作でき、スペースボタンで「ぺんはけんよりもつよし」という文字が順番に発射されます。敵機は撃墜することはできず、言論は非暴力という意味合いを込めました。グラフィックはたかくらが、プログラムはm7kenjiが制作しました。"
This artwork expresses the theme in a very straight-forward way using a game-style.  You can manipulate the pen-looking airframe.  By pressing the space button, the text of “the pen is mightier than the sword” projectiles in order.  The fact that you can never shot down an enemy aircraft (sword airframe) implies “The speech is nonviolent”. Graphic was made by Takakura, programming was done by m7kenji.
Motion Design by 田中 宏大|KODAI TANAKA (BBMedia inc.) & 高橋 優|U TAKAHASHI
“The pen is mightier than the sword” has a connotation of speeches have more/everlasting influence on people and events than the use of force or violence.
We took it as “Peace created by speech”. 
We created the conversation of an anthropomorphic rice-ball which is a symbol of peace in Japan."
Motion Design by  アラキ ツヨシ|Tsuyoshi ArakiMETROPOL)& 吉野 大介|Daisuke YoshinoBurgundy
"We focused on the keyword of “design charrette showdown” as well as the theme announced.
We created the program which randomly creates the output based on a realtime sampling of the doodling process using a compact camera and BPM while creating the logo based on the theme."
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Tokyo Creative Jam

Tokyo Creative Jam

These are the entries for the Adobe Creative Jam in Tokyo that occurred in Harajuku on the July 11. Enjoy the creations by 8 teams of designers i Read More