Here we have a collaboration between me (Christian Hecker) and Nora Nirvaluce. It was a very spontaneous thing and had no lengthy tought process behind it. We basically entered a creative flow and decided to go with it. What started this project was a neat 3d object that Nora created just for fun in ZBrush. One evening she showed me what she did and I asked for the model. I started to play around with it and we soon knew we had to do something with it.
Above - The original model, created in ZBrush by Nora Nirvaluce, that immediately spawned ideas of what can be done with it.
Above - A first experimental render, created with Vue 2015, having some fun with the model. Originally the idea was to maybe try something abstract with that model.
Above - Another testrender that pointed into an abstract directions. I used Vue 2015 to play around with its Ecosystem feature and added some plants all over the object. Looked really cool but had no real substance behind it. So I decided to go, literally, into the object.
Above - This is a first testrender of the overall scene. It still was very experimental but led us into the right direction.We saw the potential and decided to follow the inspiration. The tight polygon count of the object allowed us to go very close to the object without losing the wonderfully curved and round shapes.
Above - Here we have a quicky concept I did by using the previously created testrenders. It really worked and thus we were convinced by the idea and decided to take it a step further.
Below - The final version of our collaboration project. It's much more polished than the initial concept in that we used multiple materials for the cave structure, added photos for additional texturing and polished the overall mood and lighting situation. That added a really mysterious feel and a neat scifi look. All that without thinking too much about the process and what direction to go with it. For me that's something I don't do very often but Nora insisted on keep this picture spontaneous and it ultimately worked. The last thing we did was to mirror the scene horizontally since we agreed that it reads much better that way.
Below - Two examples of the fullsize detail within the original picture.
For more project related info please check here:
The Artists
Nora Nirvaluce
Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker