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    I wrote the content for a property prospectus for Kingscross Corner, a newly renovated creative studio in Salt River. I also wrote an article abo… Read More
    I wrote the content for a property prospectus for Kingscross Corner, a newly renovated creative studio in Salt River. I also wrote an article about the building and Salt River, published on SA Property News. Both article and the content of the prospectus are here. Read Less
I conceptualised and wrote a property prospectus for The Kingscross Corner, a newly renovated factory building in Salt River, Cape Town.
“When strangers act like neighbours, a community isreinvigorated”

Dynamic studio space is where it’s at.

HEADING: Kings Crosscorner

The industrial, up andcoming Salt River area is hot on the lips of many a new business as they arebitten by the inner-city revival bug, positioning it at the forefront ofdevelopment projects. Once the industrial heart of Cape Town, a lungful of airhas stormed Salt River, punctuating its lively streets with modern, urban-chicbuildings. The dilapidated charm of semi-detached Victorian houses, kidsplaying soccer in the streets, and the close proximity to the central businessdistrict all factor in to the renewed interest. A truly integrated society hasemerged, and creative, forward-thinking businesses have spearheaded thetransition.

Kings Cross Corner has undergonea complete restoration, transforming what was once a clothing factory intoA-grade office and studio space. The space is comfortable, contemporary andeffortlessly livable. Studio space is available to small businesses, and we arelooking for like-minded, people to inhabit our building. If you’re looking fora contemporary space that will suit your business, then this is the buildingfor you. It is a space that will transform your business from great tomagnificent. A place where businesses start afresh.

HEADING: Residentstreet

Who are we looking for?

Small, dynamic businesseswith exciting, entrepreneurial models are the tenants we aim to attract. Thebuilding lends itself to a living network space, where individual businessescome together, sharing skills and aligning complimentary talent.

HEADING: Location road

Kings Cross Corner is ideally located just outside thecentral business district, in the lively neighbourhood of Salt River. Shops,café’s and other amenities are popping up at an impressive rate all around SaltRiver, and you’ll find many a lunch spot to catch up with friends andcolleagues.

The Eastern Boulevard, the Woodstock Train Station andCape Town International Airport are also within easy reach, giving you all thebenefits of accessibility, while still managing to bypass that awful afternoontraffic.

C/o Friend Street and Queens Park Avenue, Salt River,Cape Town.

HEADING: Features road

The building featuresoriginal parquet and slate flooring, double volume ceilings, steel beams and aslick, glass façade, ensuring that every corner has a striking view of TableMountain or the harbour.

HEADING: Park offavenue

A central open-air deck offers space to unwind. Tables, chairs and a brilliantview over Devil’s Peak are what sets this space apart from any other buildingin the area. Creative work colleagues can brainstorm, network, collaborate,swap ideas or just have a laugh, all basic elements to an awesome workingenvironment.

The building has controlled access 24-hour concierge, ensuring safety at allhours for those working late. Wi-Fi will be readily available, and each unitwill have their own kitchen and toilettes. Spaces can be custom-designed tosuit individual needs.

HEADING: Green Street
A step towardssustainability

Where possible,sustainable, ‘green’ methods have been implemented. This includes low voltagelighting and recycled rainwater in toilets. Notably, much of the materialsutilised in the renovation have been reclaimed from the original building. Thismeans that the building’s carbon footprint is substantially less than a newlyconstructed office block.

HEADING: Mountain view

Everyone in Cape Towndeserves a view of the mountain; it’s just an unalienable right. The buildingis orientated towards an uninterrupted scene of Devil’s peak, while the Northwing overlooks the Foreshore harbour. It truly is one hellofa panoramic view!

Kingscross Corner
Property Prospectus
Kings Cross Corner

It’s a model that has worked across the globe: Greenwich Village in Manhattan did it, Canary Wharf in London did it, and now Cape Town’s industrial suburb Salt River is pegged for an urban regeneration project that some developers say is set to transform Cape Town, marking it Africa’s biggest redevelopment project to date.

Queenspark in Salt River before it was transformed into Kings Cross Corner
The Western Cape’s Department of Transport and Public Works has set aside R20 billion to implement bold plans to sink the train lines between Salt River and the CBD of Cape Town. If an artist’s rendition is anything to go by, within 20 years, the place famed for the oldest train station in the country will be rendered an urban utopia, says independent architect Majedi Joseph.

“What was once the heart of Cape Town’s industrial textile district is fast becoming the trendiest design hub of the city. As a result of Salt River’s redevelopment project advertising agencies, galleries, artists, designers and photographers have transplanted their businesses to the area, and an inclusive neighbourhood has attracted a new kind of tenant and more consumers for local business. With plans to develop the space above the sunken train lines, developments are on the rise, with boutique hotels, museums and cinemas at the top of the list. This design hub has the potential to stimulate the economy at a grass roots level, initiating sustainable economic and social solutions, and improving the quality of life for all parties involved.”

Joseph and Dave Lindner are the developers of Kings Cross Corner, which is part of the early restoration of the area. Formerly the Queenspark clothing factory, the renovated building has two storeys and a basement, and 4 400 m2 of reinvented factory space has been laid out as open-plan studios for businesses or commercial ventures.

Modern, minimalist finishes, expansive glass windows and ample breathing space offer businesses a clean slate, says Joseph.

In construction, Kings Cross Corner has recycled many of the original building materials, such as the parquet floors and slate, which helped to maintain some of the original aesthetic of the factory. Recycled water, reclaimed materials and low-voltage lighting have also helped to lower the building’s carbon footprint.

Costs have been kept at under R1 000/m2, allowing the developers an above average return on investment. The building’s timeline of six months was complete on August 1.

Joseph says bulldozing Queenspark to create Kings Cross Corner was never an option.

“The heritage of such a place holds weight, and we simply had to renovate in keeping with the original façade. Nonetheless, the building was completely refurbished to ensure comfort and liveability. The interiors were gutted and renewed, including electric rewiring, plumbing, replastering and flooring. Doors and windows were replaced to bring in more light, bathrooms and kitchens were built, a chill deck was created with planted boxes to colour the working environment indigenous green.”

Property investor and project manager Linder says: “We used a small group of skilled craftsmen who are experienced in the challenges of the redevelopment of older properties.

“The story of Salt River is a phenomenal one. What was once an industrial precinct with very little to offer, is slowly transforming into a modern hub of mixed-use commercial and residential space. We hope to attract likeminded investors in turning this area into one of the city’s most sought after suburbs.”

This article was written by my as comissioned by the owner of the building. The article was published here:


You spend most of your waking life at the office. 9 to 5 is a foreign concept. More like 5 to 9. You nip out for a bite to eat, checking your emails as you inhale a samoosa. Your definition of multi-tasking is clicking on one thing, thinking about another, and editing a third over the phone. You’re passionate about business. You live to work.

Which is why an inspiring office environment is more than a luxury to you. It’s a fundamental necessity. You need windows, views, open space. Minimalistic lines, not cubicles. Space to swing a cat. To swing a golf club. Space to pace. Space to craft. Space to occupy. Employ. Succeed. Space to change your mind, to change gear, to unwind.

Reshape your space. Reposition your business. Reinvent your experience of work.

Kings Cross Corner. Corner of Friend Street & Queenspark Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town.