Recipe for a wedding invitation.
First you need a couple of people who are getting married!
They want a contemporary invitation with 2 caricatures who look like them!
The bride like photography… hm… let's work with this!
Oh! Here comes the idea!
Lets have a caricature couple where the groom hold the bride on his hands and all this is shown in a Polaroid photo!
Now let's start with the physical part! We cut 2 sizes of paper, first for the envelops and then for the print!
This ladies and gentlemen is a die cut! We will use it to make the envelops out of the same paper that we will print on. Very useful if you can't find envelopes from the same paper from your paper supplier.
We mount the die cut on a Heidelberg windmill, those old machines are unbelievable and perfect for low volume die cutting (they can also do hot foil embedding, ink emboss and even print letterpress old school style).
Final adjustments for the creasing and we are good to go!
OK! Here is the result of the die cut, now we need to clear the leftovers and fold the envelops now!
And now it is time to print! You see that long paper sheets? This is the result of printing difficulties with the special paper. For some reason the printer was unable to keep the paper stable enough to have a good print with normal sheet sizes so we printed in a banner like size.
Unfortunately this meant that we had to feed paper by hand, one by one, because of a software bug in this machine that prevent you from adding many sheets at the tray during banner printing.
At least we didn't had to print many invitations!
Here it is! Now all it needs is to get them through the cutting machine and add them in the envelops!
Now look this is not just white boring paper! We found a paper with a textile texture for this invitation!
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