What can't be recreated,
should be captured.
And that includes moments - awkward, nostalgic, of beginnings, of remnants. And stillness - the world, the trees, the rock, the roar. Every moment deserves to be freezed, because every moment is special for someone. As a 'self-trained looking for divine intervention' photographer, I've been blessed with the power of observation and the freedom of imagination, which I use to make time come to a standstill.
My camera is my second skin, which is intensely covered with various layers of lives. And together, we've woven many tales. I firmly believe in the power of click, because with it you don't need a time machine to travel back in time.
I give my every photograph a part of me and in return it always becomes a part of me. As I roam around somewhere right now, capturing life as is,, I'm hopeful these moments will make you sit back, think and smile with an air of solace.
Come become a part of my world, the one I created with many other worlds.