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    Marketing research and results from my work for the BHSN Softball team.
The goal of this project is to assess the current marketing methods of the Bloomington High School North Athletic department and address the potential strategies that can be implemented to increase the success of the organization. By taking over the design, marketing, and social media management for the school's softball team, I was able to identify key areas that are successful as well as determine key areas of potential for other teams and the athletics department as a whole.
Key pillars were initially established to begin marketing the softball team. This served as our "best guess for success" and was implemented in order to gain the key performance indicators that were needed to build a lasting marketing strategy.
Extensive research went into determining the key social media outlets that would be effective in the local and regional markets within our key demographics. Facebook was determined to be the primary social media outlet, however the use of twitter and instagram were also seen to be highly effective at increasing fan engagement and community awareness.
The student athletes were surveyed in addition to outside research. The results confirmed some of the results that we expected while revealing vital information to understanding the habits of a portion of our target audience. Instagram showed to be the key platform for both total users and the frequency that it is used. Based on this information, we added Instagram and Twitter to the team's social media strategy and has seen great success on both platforms.
Analytical information was tracked and used throughout the season as well as a final review at the end of the season. This information is vital to understand the value that should be placed into different strategies that we are considering implementing for other teams.
Based on tracked growth and other indicators, we determined the short term potential growth of other sports within the BHSN organization that already have a social media presence (left). Additionally, we could use the information from the success that we have had with the softball team, and compare it to intercollegiate level athletics in our market, and make a rough determination of the long-term potential within our market, at our level (right). When the current team sports that BHSN offers were combined, the potential long-term reach was determined to be 13,453 followers with high engagement rates. Considering that this is for Facebook alone, the potential is well worth the effort to achieve it.
By tracking posts by thematic categories, we are able to break down the overall efforts that were implemented during the 2015 season for softball and rate the value of each service that was offered.
Based on the information that was gained from one season of one-sport marketing, I have been able to revise current strategies for sport-based marketing and develop overarching processes that can be implemented at the departmental level to encompass all sports and provide greater awareness, engagement, and value for BHSN Athletics. A new marketing plan and process workflows are currently being developed.