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    Time to spend on photography is the pleasure of free time.
This is what I do whenever I have free time. I search for it so I can chase moments and catch them in a frame. All subjects seen in the photo are from the real life scenery. The images haven't been retouched.
There is a very special friend of mine who I would like to thank for his presence and encouragement. 
Sidon port
A Gypsy in Sidon selling thyme and other herbs, 
This picture is what I love most of all shots taken. The lady did not allow me to photograph her so I tried from far. The army guy came into the frame and I felt like I was a reporter ready to write an article about war and its deranged actions. Searching for secrets and in disguise people.  
I won't go that far in the description this time. But a very good friend of mine told me that the beauty of this picture is the lady, who is a gypsy, who has such beautiful and elegant hand gestures, a beautiful head rotation with amazing facial expression.
Oops! she saw me.